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Change in the shareholding of Economie d'Energie

Founded in 2011 by Myriam Maestroni, Economie d’Energie announces a change in its shareholding allowing Vermeer Investissement, a minority shareholder since 2014, to sell its stake and the management to reinforce its participation.

This operation was realised with Indigo Capital, a specialist in mezzanine financing, through its new Indigo Capital 2 fund which closed recently at 170M€.

Economie d’Energie realised a turnover close to 100M€ in 2018 and employs around 200 people. The company has helped 750,000 households realise energy efficiency projects and targets 1 million in 2020. It also aims at developing international activities,  mainly in Italy, Spain and Great-Britain where the company is already present under the brand name ON5 Company.

March 2019

Epsiline innovate with the Yaw Advisor

Epsiline innovate with the Yaw Advisor, a LIDAR (Laser Radar) system "plug & play" for wind farms, which meets with commercial success with the first sales to TOTAL EREN and ENGIE GREEN Groups.

The Yaw Advisor measures accurately and reliably wind speed and direction in front of the wind turbine allowing for optimal alignment. For the owner-operator, this leads to significant electricity production gains and a longer lifespan thanks to the reduction of vibrations.

Epsiline has the ambition to become a major actor in the key wind farm markets in Europe, the US, India and China.

September 2018

Electric vehicle charging solutions: Total acquires G2Mobility

Total has finalized the acquisition of G2Mobility, a Franch leading provider of electric vehicle charging solutions. With this deal, Total is accelerating the growth of its electric vehicle charging businesses, from designing smart charging stations to optimizing energy usage management and selling integrated services.

A pioneer in the sector since 2009, G2Mobility has developed and markets a comprehensive charging solution, with connected charging stations operated by a web platform that can remotely control the charge points, offer services, particularly smart energy management systems. With almost 10,000 points managed by its services platform, G2Mobility supports municipal governments and private businesses.

Following the signature of an agreement with G2Mobility and its long-time shareholders, including BPI France and Nexans, Total now fully owns the company.

September 2018

New round of financing in G2 Mobility

Innovacom via its fund Technocom 2,  Bpifrance and the historical investors invest EUR 2 million in G2mobility, designer of smart charging solutions for electrical vehicles.

Established in 2009, G2mobility design and market charging units for electrical vehicles and the associated smart command and supervision systems. The company employs 20 people having a unique expertise in smart grid applications, software solutions and information technology.

This round of financing will accelerate the commercial development of the company.

Unique pure player in the French market, G2mobility is poised to become one of the leading companies in the smart charging infrastructure market for electrical vehicles.

May 2014

ENEA Consulting opens its capital to external shareholders

ENEA Consulting is a consultancy company specialised in energy and sustainable development. The company advises inudstrial companies in the energy transition and in the implementation of innovative and sustainable solutions. It also designs and implements for social stakeholders and populations not having access to energy efficient and responsible business models.

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March 2014

Vermeer Energy participates to a first round of financing at Agora Energy

Specialised in the design of connected objects for industrial companies as well as municipalities, Agora Energy closed a first round of financing with business angels and private investors.

Agora Energy markets various products: presence detectors for urban lighting, sensors to measure the level in garbage containers, telemetry systems for propane tanks. Data are then transmitted with a low-consumption modem through the Sigfox cellular network.

The company has also developed an opinion box for stores & companies which uses the ultra-low energy consumption protocol Enocean.

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January 2014


Vermeer Energy though its investment vehicle Vermeer Investissement has taken a minority participation in the company Economie d'Energie SAS

Economie d'Energie SAS helps companies in their strategy for saving energy and in the generation of white certificates (Energy Savings Certificates).

It is a leading company in this sector in France with numerous large clients and offers its expertise to energy service companies, fuel distributors, large companies, municipalities, social housing, contractors in the construction and energy efficiency sectors.

Vermeer Energy will support the company in its development in France and abroad and bring its expertise of the energy markets.

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July 2013

IRDInov and VIVERIS Management invest in EPSILINE

EPSILINE, a French company based in Toulouse, is specialised in the design of innovative laser sensors for wind measurements. The company will accelerate its development with the funding provided by IRDInov and VIVERIS Management.

EPSILINE has received several innovation awards following the development of a new generation of laser anemometers capable of measuring the wind speed with great accuracy and in a most economical way as compared to existing solutions. There are numerous applications for this product, the first one being for the wind farm industry. After having being supported by Business Angels, which are experts in this industry, EPSILINE is now financed by IRDInov and VIVERIS Management which invest toegether around EUR 1.3 million.

Vermeer Energy through its investment vehicle Vermeer Investissement is a minority shareholder in EPSILINE.

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July 2013

G2 Mobility closed its first round of financing with CDC Climat and Innovacom

G2 Mobility is specialised in the development of smart charging solutions for electrical vehicles.

Vermeer Energy through its investment vehicle Vermeer Investissement is a minority shareholder in G2 Mobility

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May 2013